Internship Part 2 – What can I benefit from an internship

So, here I am, in Dublin… working for a company doing their marketing. How is it going? Am I tea and coffee maker or do I have responsibilities?

The good news is yes! I’m working in the tourism industry with a group booking specialist company that manages a bunch of hostels across Ireland. It’s approaching the busiest time of the year for us at work so I’ve been able to get stuck in and do some work.

So far I have been involved in:

  • Blogging for the website,
  • Updating the CMS ¬†using WordPress and creating a whole new section for the website,
  • Managing new social media projects making use of Hootsuite
  • Taking part in group tours and writing reviews,
  • Conducting market research.

Which is all very exciting. I’m getting actual pieces of writing and webpages which I can add to my portfolio and it’s always good to be part of making something new happen. Getting the new section of the website sorted is very rewarding.

I would recommend interning to anyone. Yes, it is often a lot of hard work with very little initial gain financially or otherwise, but over the long term you are gaining valuable experience and building a network!

Contact the Irish Education Partners to get involved in the same way I have!