Marketing yourself in the digital age

As a recent graduate looking to tap into actual, real life, paid employment I am learning the importance of not only needing to be able to market products but also and arguably more importantly, to be able to market oneself. There are a number of platforms with which to gain an online presence to present yourself to peers and potential employers.

On the face of it there are the basic forms of social media which help you to communicate with others and interact with both peers and business: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are excellent examples of these and are well used. 

In addition to these platforms there are a number of established social media sites within which to market both yourself and your company which are up and coming as excellent ways to provide two way interaction and dialogue with others. 

Excellent examples of these are:

  • – is an excellent platform for those in a creative industry. essentially provides a one page, interactive, social media linked, media centric business card. The idea is that with an image and a short bio a person can create a simple consolidated biography which makes it possible for any potential employers to search all of your blogs, portfolios, emails and social media platforms in one place. This medium lends itself particularly to those in creative roles as the customisable aspects and photographic background allow users to showcase their talents upfront.
  • Instagram  an image sharing site with a massive portion of the 16-25 market interacting daily. This is used as an app available for both Android and IOS and is a way for users to take, edit and share photos for the world to see. The heavy use of hashtags can make it possible for businesses and consumers to find products and locations relevant to them and comment and interact directly with the images. Some clothing stores for example use this platform to demonstrate their products and generate online noise surrounding their products before launch.
  • Vine – Move over YouTube, Vine famous is the new thing to be! Vine is a baby of Twitter allowing users to create very short video clips as an alternative to sharing a photo and sharing it with both Vine users and Twitter users. These short clips are an excellent medium to promote products, brands and people. Used well, these 6 second clips can engage with shock marketing, humour and resonance. Websites such as vinescope take the best videos on vine and share them with a wider audience for those users who aim to find the most interesting and funny videos on the web. The power of viral marketing is nothing new but the brevity of vine video provides a chance for intelligent, pithy and humorous videos which engage with consumers on their level.

Try one of these new social media platforms today. If you find any of these helpful or find new up and coming platforms that you think people should be aware of, do let me know. 


Less Apps, More Apples – Somersby Apple Cider


This advert is possibly my favourite advert of the year so far, for the following reasons..

Anyone that knows me will know that I have a dislike of Apple’s marketing. Not because it isn’t brilliant, because it is, more that it works with a religious, cult like appeal and is able to charge an incredible price premium which is incredibly frustrating and well constructed.

This advert for Somersby Apple Cider taps into the ludicrous hype surrounding the opening of an Apple store and the launches of new products and parodies it. Without revealing a great deal about the cider itself it uses a tongue in cheek approach to demonstrate the personality of the brand which is incredibly effective and moves away from more ‘laddish’ branding for ciders such as Strongbow.

With regards to brand awareness and resonance this advert is very effective. This is my favourite advert of this year so far, and not merely for it’s parody of Apple’s marketing.