The Intern – dogsbody or valued team member? Part 1

In answer to the above question; I’ll keep you posted. Results to follow in the next few weeks..


One week today I shall be flying out to Dublin to embark on a nine week marketing internship with Celtic Group HostelsWith the Lifelong Learning Programme funded by the European Union, designed to help young people get on the job experience to boost the labour market, I have received funding to accommodate myself for an internship with partners in Dublin. This covers my flights and accommodation and pairs me with a partner organisation which will provide me with an opportunity to develop skills in my chosen field. So despite not being paid, the EU funding provides me with a way to develop skills and a portfolio without losing money at the same time. 

Through this programme I have been paired with Celtic Group Hostels which are a group of hostels in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Clare which specialise in group bookings and things to do within the city. With them I shall be working as a marketing intern, specifically working on the website, social media and their blog in addition to looking at wider strategy and meeting potential clients. From the sounds of the company and my conversations with my soon to be manager they seem keen to give me hands on roles where I can contribute my skills and develop others. 

I am very much looking forward to my stay and I feel very grateful to have this opportunity both with the company itself and with the benefit of EU funding. I will keep this blog updated with my progress along the internship and aim to give other young people and graduates hope that not all internships are gruelling, humiliating hours of making coffee endlessly whilst draining money and time.