Less Apps, More Apples – Somersby Apple Cider


This advert is possibly my favourite advert of the year so far, for the following reasons..

Anyone that knows me will know that I have a dislike of Apple’s marketing. Not because it isn’t brilliant, because it is, more that it works with a religious, cult like appeal and is able to charge an incredible price premium which is incredibly frustrating and well constructed.

This advert for Somersby Apple Cider taps into the ludicrous hype surrounding the opening of an Apple store and the launches of new products and parodies it. Without revealing a great deal about the cider itself it uses a tongue in cheek approach to demonstrate the personality of the brand which is incredibly effective and moves away from more ‘laddish’ branding for ciders such as Strongbow.

With regards to brand awareness and resonance this advert is very effective. This is my favourite advert of this year so far, and not merely for it’s parody of Apple’s marketing.